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Polyurethane Planks for Wind Turbine Blades


Product Introduction

Reinforced polyurethane resin pultrusion plate is a composite material plate produced by pultrusion process with high-strength glass fiber as the reinforcement and polyurethane resin as the matrix material. Compared with the plate of epoxy resin system, this product has the advantages of high production efficiency and excellent performance,and can be widely used in various large-scale wind turbine blades. 

Key Parameters

(1)0° tensile strength ≥ 1250 MPa, tensile modulus ≥ 63.5 GPa; 

(2)0° compression strength ≥ 1100 MPa, compression modulus≥63.5GPa; 

(3)Tension-Tension fatigue(R = 0.1), M value ≥ 8.5;  

(4)Tension-Compression fatigue(R = -1), M value ≥ 10;

(5)Fibre mass content: 84±1%;

Polyurethane Planks For Wind Turbine Blades

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