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PVC Structural Foam


Product Introduction

Cvinyl series PVC structural foam is a kind of crosslinked PVC foaming material with rigid closed cell, which has excellent specific strength, high toughness and fatigue resistance. Combined with the thermoset resin like epoxy, polyester and vinyl, this PVC structural foam is suitable for a variety of composite applications, especially an ideal core material for products with sandwich structure. The common densities of this PVC structural foam, which can be customized, are 60, 80,100, 130, 200, 250, 300 kg/m3, and the annual production capacity is 40000m³, It is widely used in wind power blades, marine buoyancy materials, yachts, rail transit and energy-saving buildings.

Key Parameters


    ①Density: 54-69 kg/m3

    ②Pore size: 300 - 500 μm;

    ③Dimensional stability: 

    120℃for 60min,the dimensional change rate in all directions ≤ 4%;

    150℃for 30min,the dimensional change rate in all directions ≤ 6%;


    ①Tolerance of density: ±10 kg/m³;

    ②Compression strength: 1.0 MPa - 8.5 MPa;

    ③Water pressure resistance: within 5MPa, water absorption<0.3%; Size change rate<2%

Pvc Structural Foam

Pvc Structural Foam

Pvc Structural Foam